What’s In A Name?

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As Game of Thrones ended this year, it was revealed that 2,542 children born in 2018 were named after the young heroine Arya. Baby names are always going in and out of fashion, while increasingly unusual new names become concocted (Abcde being a memorable one). Naming culture is constantly evolving and broadening.

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The Background on my Blog Name…

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Watch with Glittering Eyes

Before I write any more posts, I wanted to explain where the name of my blog came from and give a little bit of background:

Like most people, there have been many times in my life where I’ve struggled to think positively, and there will be more – whether it’s lacking confidence or feeling like I’m not good enough or intelligent enough to accomplish things, the list goes on… *although I try my best to have a positive outlook in general*. (Interesting fact: A lecturer at uni once told me that that feeling worried, fearful or always thinking of the worst case situation when we have no need to is something to do with us still having part of our “monkey brains” which haven’t fully evolved, and that having that mindset kept our ancestors safe from harm when living in dangerous circumstances). Which leads on to the title of…

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