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Last week we discussed User Names so it follows quite naturally that we should be talking about Blog Titles this time.

Dr. Tanya is raising more questions related to my specialty (I am what is known in academia as an “information scientist” — a very basic description would be: specialists & experts in making information easily accessible for humans; I could go into far more detail, but that should be good enough for the purposes of this post / Dr Tanya’s extended questionnaire).

First, for Dr. Tanya to consider for next week: In my opinion, this is by no means the end of the line. She could perhaps even extend her line of thinking indefinitely, perhaps starting with blog post titles, domain names, tag names, category names, the use of HTML meta “keywords”, etc. (image names? heading names? …? )

In this vein, I would like to refer to an article I wrote a while back about the relationship between content and containers: Introduction to Rational Media: Content vs. Container (

The quick & easy takeaway from that article specifically for Dr. Tanya’s questions is: you do not need to limit yourself to writing in only one context — you can liberate yourself and write with reference to many contexts! In order to do that, you will need to identify (and name) each context.

The universe is big — and there is definitely no shortage of contexts!

Note that you can also share one context among many people. If / When you do so, you form a community of (shared) context.