Abby Style may sound like a simple name, but it started when I was just a little girl

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When I was about elementary school-aged, I started drawing fashion designs just for the fun of it! So my love for fashion started at a young age. Eventually, I made so many designs that I decided to make a name for my little fashion line. That is how Abby Style was born.

How to Choose a Pinup Name

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Hello All!

Full Disclosure: Genna is not my real name. Shocking, right?

Don’t I look like a Genna?

It’s actually not that unusual in our community. Think of it kind of like a stage name for an actor, or a pen name for an author. There a lot of different reasons that people might chose to use a pseudonym. It could be to differentiate themselves from other people. It could be that the name doesn’t ring true to the persona that they are trying to create. It could be that they want something unusual that will stick in someones head, or they want to have some privacy for their “normal” life.

Choosing a name can seem super daunting. I know that I worked and mulled over names for a LONG time before finally settling on one. Having trouble knowing where to start? Well I got some places for you to…

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