The meaningfulness of our actions

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I’ve always wanted to be a writer, I’ve always wanted to write something significant and meaningful.  But every time I started to write, I am thinking, “This is not significant enough, this is not meaningful enough.  Whose life will change by reading this?”  And then I procrastinate.  I have procrastinated for approximately 5 years now.  Today I’ve decided that this is enough.  Maybe the significance lies in doing something that has been put off for so long.  Maybe the meaningfulness is exactly that I am doing it, regardless of what it will mean or how significant it will be.

Getting back to the topic.  This all made me think – who determines what is meaningful?  To assign meaning or purpose or significance to anything in life is an extremely personal decision.  A smile to a stranger might just be a meaningless smile to you, but it might be the life…

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