Creating Fantasy Names

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The Written Vixen

Gandalf. Eragon. Daenerys. Polgara. Raistlin Majere. Some of the most easily recognizable characters in the fantasy genres have names that stick with you. Naming a fantasy character only seems simple because it comes with extra considerations. To start with, you want a name that is easily readable. At the same time, you also want something that matches your setting. How do you create a fantasy name that won’t make you or your readers trip?

Check your setting. Obviously if you have an entirely created world for the story, you don’t need to worry. You’re free to create and come up with a naming system as you please. In the case of urban or low fantasy settings you may want to consider using a name from somewhere around the globe. This is especially the case with historical fantasy, where you should be conscious of the time period you’re working in.


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The meaningfulness of our actions

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I’ve always wanted to be a writer, I’ve always wanted to write something significant and meaningful.  But every time I started to write, I am thinking, “This is not significant enough, this is not meaningful enough.  Whose life will change by reading this?”  And then I procrastinate.  I have procrastinated for approximately 5 years now.  Today I’ve decided that this is enough.  Maybe the significance lies in doing something that has been put off for so long.  Maybe the meaningfulness is exactly that I am doing it, regardless of what it will mean or how significant it will be.

Getting back to the topic.  This all made me think – who determines what is meaningful?  To assign meaning or purpose or significance to anything in life is an extremely personal decision.  A smile to a stranger might just be a meaningless smile to you, but it might be the life…

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